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Contributor related questions

How do I search my photos?

You can search your photos by selecting the event name and providing your race number (bib) in the search box of home page. Every event will have its own gallery page which you can easily browse in case your photos are not tag.

Are the photos free?

Photographer may chose to publish their photos for free or for sale. If photos are free you can download the original file uploaded by the photographer else it will take you to payment page.

How to request removal of photo?

You can send email to with the URL of the photo and the reason why you want it removed.

How to upload and publish photos?

Before you can start uploading and publishing photos you need to sign up for an account. Use your account to login to the site. Immediately after logging in you will be automatically forwarded to your own "Gallery Manager" page where you have options to manage and upload photos. Click the link "Upload" located at the top right section of the page to bring out the upload page.

Can I sell my photos?

You have the option to sell your photos or publish it for free download.

How much will I earn?

70% of the sale will go to your account and other 30% is deducted as administration fee. Please refer to below sample computation.

Price (USD) Admin Feed (30%) Earnings (70%)
2.99 0.897 2.093
3.99 1.197 2.793
4.99 1.497 3.493
5.99 1.797 4.193

How do I get paid?

Your earnings will be credited to your PayPal account on every 8th of the month.

How do I check my sales?

You can use the "Gallery Manager" page to check your monthly earnings as well as number of uploads and downloads.